Leonardo Lozano (Ph.D. Student/Songwriter)

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Journal Articles

Lozano, L., Smith, J. C. 2017. A value-function-based exact approach for the bilevel mixed integer programming problemOperations Research, to appear.

Lozano, L., Smith, J. C. 2016. A backward sampling framework for interdiction problems with fortification. INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Lozano, L., Duque, D.Medaglia, A. L., 2016. An exact algorithm for the elementary shortest path problem with resource constraints. Transportation Science. 50 (1):348-357.

Duque, D., Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L., 2015. Solving the orienteering problem with time windows via the pulse framework. Computers and Operations Research. 54 (1):168-176.

Duque, D., Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L., 2014. An exact method for the biobjective shortest path problem for large-scale networks. European Journal of Operational Research. 252 (3):788-797. 


Bolivar, M., Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L., 2014. Acceleration strategies for the weight constrained shortest path problem with replenishment. Optimization Letters. 8 (8):2155-2172.


Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L. 2013. On an exact method for the constrained shortest path problem. Computers and Operations Research. 40 (1):378-384.


Restrepo, M. I., Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L. 2012. Constrained network-based column generation for the multi-activity shift scheduling problem. International Journal of Production Economics. 140(1):466-472.

Submitted Articles

Lozano, L., Kurz, M. E., Smith, J. C. 2016. Solving the traveling salesman problem with interdiction and fortification. Revisions submitted to Operations Research Letters. 

Book Chapters

Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L., Velasco, N. 2009. Generation of pop-rock chord sequences using genetic algorithms and variable neighborhood search. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 5484, pp. 573-578.

Working Papers

Lozano, L., Smith, J. C. A binary decision diagram based algorithm for solving a class of integer two-stage stochastic programs

Rodriguez, D. J., Lozano, L., Akhavan, R., Medaglia, A. L. Scheduling food-delivery dispatchers under an uncertain environment.

González, J. E., Lozano, L., Walteros, J. L., Feillet, D., and Medaglia, A. L. Solving the bus rapid transit route design problem with general topologies via simultaneous column and cut generation.

González, J. E., Lozano, L., Medaglia, A. L., 2012. A network oriented formulation and decomposition approach to solve the train design optimization problem.